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Saturday Yard Sailing!

Well, just like I said – I did NOT sleep in. And just as expected – I barely slept a wink. But I was up with the Birds – 6:00am Sharp. After standing in a long hot shower that felt so soothing to my achy body I was eager to get ready for my day of yard “sailing” with Gary. I picked him up at about 7:15 and we were over to the north side of the city . And can you believe this – I forgot the stupid list. The one I spent so much time trying to figure out. I spent a good hour on line checking through way to many garage sales so I could pick the exact perfect ones we should go to. Anyhow – just like I told you before – I have lists. Lists and more lists. I should really have a list for my lists! Oh well – I decided to be a rebel and just “go with the flow”…..Seriously. And I did not panicky, I was not a total freak – I was Cool. So normal and Cool. Ya – I can go with the flow.

Okay – See how easy my mind wanders. I am supposed to be talking about Yard “Sailing” and I am rambling on about another one of my weird compulsive behaviours.

So – We get to the northside – and Oh My God – we have driven straight into Yard Sale Heaven. The beautiful sight of Pink and Yellow Neon Signs taped to poles and stapled to trees. It was absolutely marvelous! By the Way – for all you people that don’t use a pretty Neon Sign – Please do – The stupid little white signs you purchase at my beloved Dollar Store are to Pathetic for a Warrior Yard Sailor like myself. At least get some ribbon – or balloons – Come On People – its marketing at its very basics!

By 9:30 am my car was almost full. Sure – I bought quite a few treasures, but something was wrong with Gary. He was like a crack addict looking for a fix. He was buying everything. It was like watching an episode of Hoarders – but Live! Thank goodness I only have a small vehicle – because if I had a big truck we would probably still be unloading it now- 8 hours later. Come to think of it – he actually did buy a bathroom sink – he has to go back with his truck to pick it up. As much fun as the day was I will have to be very aware of his problem in the future and perhaps not enable him as much as I did. Yes – the cheetah picture was my fault – Totally. I do take responsibility when I really really have to.

Told Ya - Its a Car Full

Told Ya – Its a Car Full

Yup - Even the Trunk is full!

Yup – Even the Trunk is full!


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