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I had a Superb Weekend. Superb. That’s a chichi word – Don’t you think ?. I usually don’t use the word “Superb”. It kind of sounds like a word that only Ritzy, Upper-Crust English people are allowed to use. I don’t care though – I can use it too if I want. If the truth be told I really love the word “SLACKS” ! ……

You need to put on your slacks – it’s cold out.
Let’s go buy some slacks.

When did everyone start saying “pants” and give up on the word “slacks” ? I don’t know – for some reason the word “slacks” just gives me a little heart giggle and brings a little smile to my face.

I must say right now that I have to express some disappointment in one of my very closest friends. We have the best talks about pretty much any Topic – which includes our most Random of thoughts. I can still recall the very lengthy chat we had not so long ago about some of our favorite words. I am not dreaming – I know we had this talk. Anyhow – I spent a good portion of my sleepless night trying to remember HER favorite word. (Seriously – it is things like this that keep me awake at night. ) Anyhow – I could not remember it for the life of me so I was kind of excited to get to see her today so I could ask her what it was! Ya’ – Didn’t that blow up in my face. She could not remember her own favorite word . How could she not remember – Because that word is trying so hard to escape the lock box of my mind…….its picking the lock , but has not yet escaped imprisonment. Now I must carry the burden of remembering HER word so it can be free of my failing memory!! I know life is full of disappointments – but I did not expect to start my week off like this. By the way – she has not forgotten that that Slacks is one of MY Favorite words. Probably because it is such a good word.

I guess I should have just said I had a “Good” Weekend. Or a Great Weekend! Using a fancy word (like Superb) can just send my whole thought process into a little whirl wind! There we go – A “Mind-Tornado” . That’s pretty much what I have going on every night while I try to sleep – A Mind Tornado. The Random thoughts all swirling around at a speed so incredible I wonder why I am not actually dizzy. Well – I am a little…but I think it’s the meds.

Can you believe that all I really wanted to chat about was my Nail Polish Collection. Guess that will have to wait for another day!

Tell me what your Favorite word is…unless you can’t remember it.


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2 thoughts on “SLACKS

  1. Shelley on said:

    If you remember my favorite word, please inform me as I would love to know what it is. lol

  2. Well this is difficult.. I have many fav. words for different things. Like.. my NEW fav. made up word is.. Schmoopy. It is used to describe someone really cute. Ex: My new baby;) If you’re mad at someone, my sister used to say “She was a total twat.” So Twat is my fav. MEAN word. Perpendicular.. is just fun to say. And finally- and this is the best. My Gran will never call a couch, simply a couch. She calls it.. wait for it.. A chesterfield. GREAT word.

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