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For the last 2 years I have felt really really bad for leaving my precious Zozo ( aka Zoey or “The Zo” ) at home everyday while I go to work. In case you don’t know – Zozo is my Gorgy Gorgy (short for gorgeous) Long Haired Jack Russell. She is truly just the light of my life. I love her beyond words – and Yes – she may be a tad on the spoiled side. Just a Tad – But that is to be expected because I do not have children of the Human variety.

Zozo & I used to live out in the country and for some reason while we lived out there I never felt bad leaving her in the house all day. I guess its because she could run around free out there. Our walks did not require a leash, we would just go out the back door and right into the wilderness. And we had the best neighbors out there- Zozo really really loved them. I would open the door and off she would go down her well beaten path to the next house down. They had a beautiful black lab that Zozo loved to play with. They also let Zoey right in their house when she showed up. They were so good to her and she made herself right at home there – sitting at the kitchen table being fed pancakes and bacon. I guess its no wonder there was a well beaten path to their house – I never gave her treats that good. Anyhow – the day came where Zoey and I moved into the city. Her days of leashless walks, rabbit chasing, and pancake feeding neighbors were over. Everything changed. She became a prisoner of the city, and all of its ridiculous dog-laws that really were not made to ensure her happiness.

Now all of our walks require a leash. Mind you she is a good leash walker – no problems there. Its just that she no longer has any freedom. I can’t just open the door and let her go chase rabbits and squirrels – she must be under my constant supervision. It is now 2 years later and the guilt of leaving her alone has finally got the better of me. For a long time I thought I should get her another dog to hang out with, but there were so many things to consider. First of all – I am not sure if Zozo would appreciate another dog in the house. I mean – she is no doubt the boss of the house. Numero Uno, Queen of the World , and definitely the Boss of me. She owns the house and basically lets me live there and pay the mortgage for her.

It occurred to me that when we lived out in the country there was a short period of time where we looked after an abandoned kitten. I found the kitten in the ditch by our driveway. So I made it a little bed in our garage and let it set up house there. I never really considered letting the cat inside. I just assumed that a Jack Russell + Small Baby Cat could only lead to chaos. As it turns out, Zoey loved this little cat. I mean she really really loved this little cat. When I would get home from work she bolted to the cats house and smothered it with sloppy tongue kisses. It was quite surprising really. She would even carry it around by the scruff of the neck and take it to the safety of the garage if she heard her black lab friends approaching.

You can see where this is going – right? Yes – I got my Gorgy Zozo a baby-cat. She went bezerk when I brought her home. I was afraid she was going to lick the tiny head off of the baby cat. The cat is very very tiny. I named her Charlie. Zoey truly seems to enjoy having her own baby cat – except at night time when it wants to keep her up to play and chew on her tail. We all know I am a good mother to the Zo (obviously – I just got her a cat for heavens sake) – so to keep her happy and to ensure we both gets our proper beauty sleep I have had to turn my arts and crafts room into Charlies new room . Yes – until Charlie learns to sleep at night with Zoey & I she will have to have her own nighttime room. And yes – I have the room full of all the goodies any baby cat should have, its not like we are locking the poor thing up in a closet.

This story only goes to show the world that a True dog lover will do almost anything for their dog. If the scratches all over my body, the cleaning of the litterbox, or the stinky wet kitten food are not enough proof then I do not know what is. I do know that The Zo is quite content with her baby cat Charlie. And I am happy that she is not alone all day. In the end all that matters is that my Zozo is happy. I will do whatever it takes – obviously because I just got a Cat for my Dog.

Zozo and Charlie




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4 thoughts on “Cat for the Dog

  1. Oh my goodness..that is so sweet of you to get your dog a pet kitty. It’s even more adorable that Zoey LOVES her as much as she does. You certainly do love your dog! I’m sure Charlie and Zoey will be best buds. I think you made a good decision. (minus the scratches and the fact that you now own a I’m so allergic and pretty freaked by cats..!) You’re a great fur mommy!!

  2. P.S. Those pictures are soooooo cute. Zoey is actually smiling….!

  3. So cute, both of them! Cats and dogs do get along. I have 3 cats and a very large dog…Jenny protects her cats.

  4. Very cute! Both my current and previous collies have utterly loved all our cats (and they love them back!). I don’t love their litter trays though either!

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