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Anyone that knows me knows how much I enjoy a Good Conspiracy “Theory”. I really do. Love Love Love Them. In fact I get so excited just thinking about it that I barely know where to begin. So bare with me on this one – it may be almost impossible to keep my thoughts in order. I wish I could just draw you an image of my thoughts – because this would surely make more sense. Anyhow – hang in there…

The thing is – is that – they are not really “Conspiracy Theories” . To my brilliant menopausal and insomniac mind they are just Obvious Truths. Seriously. The “REAL” Conspiracy is Obviously calling the certain subjects at hand a Conspiracy. Who is it that decides to call things a Conspiracy? Who is it that spreads the word, and attempts to disguise the undeniable truths by masking it with the word “Conspiracy”.

See – even the Word “Conspiracy” is a shrouded by Conspiracy.

I mean come on people. Lets start with the Obvious. Let look at the following 2 examples :

1. Who shot JFK. This is a famous “Conspiracy Theory”.

But why is it called a conspiracy ? We all know the answer. We all know that Lee Harvey Oswald was named as the killer. We all know that he did not shoot JFK. We know that “They” want us to believe that. “They” even had to get Jack Ruby to kill Lee Harvey Oswald so we could not ever hear the truth from his lips. Anyhow – this example is just so obvious to all of us who have done our own research. The answer is “THEY” killed JFK.

The murder of JFK leads right into another story that some would call a Conspiracy Theory – but its not.

2. The death of a Beauty. Marilyn Monroe. An accidental Death? A Suicide. Obviously Not! I think we all know who killed Marilyn Monroe. And we All know it was “HIM” not “THEM”. It was “HIM” – “He” was responsible.

These 2 Examples are like Prehistoric versions of the New improved Conspiracy Theories. The truths of these stories are so sloppily painted over, Its like a bad white wash on an old deck. The word “conspiracy” is just attached to certain events to try and confuse us all. To cast a shadow of doubt.

Before I move forward – I must clear up the obvious – just so we are all on the same page. I am aware that some people out there are still calling UFO’s and Aliens a “Conspiracy”. This seems so elementary to me – but I will help you out with this one. First of all the term UFO – is being used to mean “Unidentified” flying objects. The term “Unidentified” is really not correct because they are flying crafts that do not belong to “Our” world. Which means that by process of that simple elimination – that we have identified them as being Flying Crafts from somewhere else. So let me just sum this up for you – There are flying crafts out there that are not made by anyone on Earth. And there are being in those flying crafts that were not born on Earth. See how simple that was. Now it is clear that there is indeed Flying Saucers from outer space – and obviously Aliens are flying them.

I will admit that I have been amused and entertained for years with all of the books, movies, and articles that surround Flying Objects, Aliens, and Other Worlds. And the stories surrounding places like Roswell and Area 51 – well they are just that. Stories. Stories “They” make up to give to “Us” – the general population. “They” need stories to cover up “their” expensive little games, their expensive little secrets…. the ones “We” all pay for but don’t know about.

I must say that Today’s New Improved Conspiracy Theories are all Fascinating and totally Enjoyable.! There is 9-11, The Illuminati with its New World Order, The manufacturing of the Aids virus. I love all of these topics , but I would have to write my own book to explain my thoughts on them all. Once again , all I can say is: Why are they being called a Conspiracy? Is it because there are truths about all of these subjects that people just cannot face. Or they just don’t want to know. But for the group of us who know and love these topics, we also realize that when “They” put the term “Conspiracy” in conjunction with them – that “They” are just trying to insinuate there is some un-truths, or unknowns.

So I hope I have shed some light on this for everyone. Its easy. Theories are fine , just remember that when “They” throw the word “conspiracy” in front of anything at all – it just means “Big Fat Lies” . So under the Conspiracy lies the truth.
If you need to know the truth on any of these “theories” – feel free to just ask me. You could ask Paul McCartney – but the “real” Paul McCartney died in the 60’s. Your best bet is to ask an Alien because they know pretty much everything.

Good night all.


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