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Endless Insanity


I had a Superb Weekend. Superb. That’s a chichi word – Don’t you think ?. I usually don’t use the word “Superb”. It kind of sounds like a word that only Ritzy, Upper-Crust English people are allowed to use. I don’t care though – I can use it too if I want. If the truth be told I really love the word “SLACKS” ! ……

You need to put on your slacks – it’s cold out.
Let’s go buy some slacks.

When did everyone start saying “pants” and give up on the word “slacks” ? I don’t know – for some reason the word “slacks” just gives me a little heart giggle and brings a little smile to my face.

I must say right now that I have to express some disappointment in one of my very closest friends. We have the best talks about pretty much any Topic – which includes our most Random of thoughts. I can still recall the very lengthy chat we had not so long ago about some of our favorite words. I am not dreaming – I know we had this talk. Anyhow – I spent a good portion of my sleepless night trying to remember HER favorite word. (Seriously – it is things like this that keep me awake at night. ) Anyhow – I could not remember it for the life of me so I was kind of excited to get to see her today so I could ask her what it was! Ya’ – Didn’t that blow up in my face. She could not remember her own favorite word . How could she not remember – Because that word is trying so hard to escape the lock box of my mind…….its picking the lock , but has not yet escaped imprisonment. Now I must carry the burden of remembering HER word so it can be free of my failing memory!! I know life is full of disappointments – but I did not expect to start my week off like this. By the way – she has not forgotten that that Slacks is one of MY Favorite words. Probably because it is such a good word.

I guess I should have just said I had a “Good” Weekend. Or a Great Weekend! Using a fancy word (like Superb) can just send my whole thought process into a little whirl wind! There we go – A “Mind-Tornado” . That’s pretty much what I have going on every night while I try to sleep – A Mind Tornado. The Random thoughts all swirling around at a speed so incredible I wonder why I am not actually dizzy. Well – I am a little…but I think it’s the meds.

Can you believe that all I really wanted to chat about was my Nail Polish Collection. Guess that will have to wait for another day!

Tell me what your Favorite word is…unless you can’t remember it.


Saturday Yard Sailing!

Well, just like I said – I did NOT sleep in. And just as expected – I barely slept a wink. But I was up with the Birds – 6:00am Sharp. After standing in a long hot shower that felt so soothing to my achy body I was eager to get ready for my day of yard “sailing” with Gary. I picked him up at about 7:15 and we were over to the north side of the city . And can you believe this – I forgot the stupid list. The one I spent so much time trying to figure out. I spent a good hour on line checking through way to many garage sales so I could pick the exact perfect ones we should go to. Anyhow – just like I told you before – I have lists. Lists and more lists. I should really have a list for my lists! Oh well – I decided to be a rebel and just “go with the flow”…..Seriously. And I did not panicky, I was not a total freak – I was Cool. So normal and Cool. Ya – I can go with the flow.

Okay – See how easy my mind wanders. I am supposed to be talking about Yard “Sailing” and I am rambling on about another one of my weird compulsive behaviours.

So – We get to the northside – and Oh My God – we have driven straight into Yard Sale Heaven. The beautiful sight of Pink and Yellow Neon Signs taped to poles and stapled to trees. It was absolutely marvelous! By the Way – for all you people that don’t use a pretty Neon Sign – Please do – The stupid little white signs you purchase at my beloved Dollar Store are to Pathetic for a Warrior Yard Sailor like myself. At least get some ribbon – or balloons – Come On People – its marketing at its very basics!

By 9:30 am my car was almost full. Sure – I bought quite a few treasures, but something was wrong with Gary. He was like a crack addict looking for a fix. He was buying everything. It was like watching an episode of Hoarders – but Live! Thank goodness I only have a small vehicle – because if I had a big truck we would probably still be unloading it now- 8 hours later. Come to think of it – he actually did buy a bathroom sink – he has to go back with his truck to pick it up. As much fun as the day was I will have to be very aware of his problem in the future and perhaps not enable him as much as I did. Yes – the cheetah picture was my fault – Totally. I do take responsibility when I really really have to.

Told Ya - Its a Car Full

Told Ya – Its a Car Full

Yup - Even the Trunk is full!

Yup – Even the Trunk is full!


For the Love of Triscuit Dust!! Seriously now – I sleep for 2 to 3 hours. I am beyond tired – yet here I am at 2 O’clock in the morning alive and well with my myriad of endless random thoughts. Its crazy. Maybe I am crazy. I should be sleeping, I have to be up at 6:00am so I can go garage “sailing” . And you know I wont be late – no way, no how. I will never be late! Not even for a strangers yard sale.

Do you think if I blabber out all of the random crazy thoughts in my head I will be able to sleep? Probably not because when I finish scribbling this all down I will go lie down in bed and think about what I wrote. How retarded it all came out , what I should have said, why I couldn’t spew it all out in a witty and more satisfying way.

Perhaps I should let the turettes syndrome of my mind thoughts just flow……let it out as it flies to the forefront of my tired mind.

Chicken Art. Yes chicken art. I painted a chicken – not a real, living chicken..I just attempted to paint a chicken. To capture the essence of a chicken. I was pretty hammered at the time . It was bad. Really really bad. I have since redeemed myself to the world of Chicken Art .

See- pretty good Huh.. Yes – I am satisfied with my chicken art.

Redemption to the World of Chicken Art.

Redemption to the World of Chicken Art.

My next venture into the world of Art , if you can call it that will be OWL Art. Yes- Owl Art.
Do I have some odd fascination for Bird Art. No – I am not sure why my first 2 paintings are Bird Related…. It just happened to work out that way. I don’t even like birds. Except for Crows. I like Crows.

I keep glancing at the clock. Thank god I don’t have to work tomorrow. Not to say I don’t have a shit load of stuff to do. It is Ridiculous how much stuff I have to do. Seriously. My To-Do list is almost as Endless as my desire to sleep through the night. Funny with so much to do that the first thing on my list is to get up at 6:00aam so I can get ready to go garage sailing with my best person in the whole world. We have so much fun driving around and buying other peoples junk. And it really can’t be that much fun for him for the first few hours because I am a total cranky bitch. Because I don’t sleep. And even though I tell him – “Ya’ – lets just drive around randomly” , he doesn’t know I have a LIST. Yes – a list of places to go. I am terrible with direction – I get lost driving to the grocery store. But tomorrow at 7:30am I will expect him to navigate to these unknown addresses with nothing less than the perfection of being my own personal google map guy.

Now I am panicking, thinking about all the stuff I need to do after yard sailing. Like painting my deck, doing laundry, doing bookwork, Owl painting, running 5k to get rid of my “Wheat Belly”. If I was a responsible person I would just stay home and do chores, go exercise, clean stuff, vacuum stuff. My inner OCD begs me to do all of these things. And no doubt I will do most of them . I will be soooooooo tired tomorrow afternoon. I already know this. Sp I guess like the saying goes “Suck it up – Buttercup”.

I like to blame this Insomnia Insanity totally on Menopause. I really have no idea if that is truly the reason – but it works for me. And its nice to have something to blame, since I don’t like to blame myself for anything.

And by the way – if you have never experienced Trisuit Dust – OMG – you are missing out. You have got to try it. Mind you – it does not help with the “Wheat Belly” .

I am going to sign off and try to go to sleep. But I probably won’t because I drank 2 cups of tea – and I’ll be up to pee at least once! Oh The Insanity of this Insomnia!
Good Night – or should I say Good Morning!

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