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Paula and the N-Word.


The 14th letter of the Alphabet.  This letter is the first letter of many Words.  Good words, bad words, atrocious words, swear words, and forbidden words.

Then there is just the “N-Word”.  We all know this is one of the worst words ever.  And I truly did not want to write about the N Word. But I have to.  The N-Word has held me captive for the last 10 days of so. Seriously – it really has.  Every channel on the news is very focused on Paula and the N-Word.

Let me make something clear – I do not like the N Word. I do not use the N Word. I do not think anyone should use the N Word. And I will admit that I am confused as to why and how it is acceptable for some people to use the word . It is clearly okay for the N-Word to be used in some music and definitely in movies. When I finally turned the news to the Movie channel the first movie I watched  was using the word so much it just sent me into a higher level of confusion. But this is not the real issue for me, or my real concern.

My real concern was the total lack of forgiveness to Paula.  At first I was totally shocked that there was no forgiveness to Paula for admitting to using the N Word. I mean – we are all forgiving people for the most part. I do believe this.  And she used the word 30 years ago…… that’s a long time ago.  Thank God that I am not being judged for anything I said or did 30 years ago…..because Wow – it would not turn out good for me, even if I never did use the N Word.

After thinking all week about the N Word, and the media bombarding my brain about every thing about the N Word , it wasn’t until last night that I had a little epiphany that helped me understand how a word could make someone , even me , real ugly – and real fast. How a word could make you look past the person that said it and pass judgement on them without any insight to that person at all.

The answer came to me with another bad word.  The C-Word. The 4 letter C-Word.  I must admit that if I hear the C-Word from a mans mouth I instantly think he is a Pig. A total ignorant, disgusting Pig! Without a doubt. I do not need to know anything about the person who says the C-Word because I already know enough.  If someone can say the C-word – I pass instant judgement and I do not look back. You will not change my mind about that person. Ever.  And to me the C-Word should never be used by a woman – its even worse in so many ways.

So – I guess I have figured it out- a little.  It took one bad word to help me figure out why people would not forgive the N-Word .

Words can be powerful and this past week we have all seen how a single word can set the whole word into a huge debate.  The emotions from this one word have made us all think about the words we use. I am happy I found some understanding within myself about how such deep feelings can be conjured up from 1 single word.  And now I am putting this subject to bed. Forever.  Or for now. I think……


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